Roadtripping in America

One thing that I’m very glad Stephen and I have in common is an interest in road trips.  It’s become a routine that we try to work into every stateside visit we share together, and I hope it continues.  When my sister and I were little and went on road trips with my mom and dad, they’d always try to make a few stops to see some really weird roadside attractions — some of the few I can recall were The Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Museum (now closed) in Victorville, California, The Garden of Eden in Lucas, Kansas, and The Muffler Men, in various locations throughout the U.S.

At the time, I’m sure I didn’t care much about doing this (I just wanted to reach our final destination) but I think it’s something that rubbed off on me.  I truly love it now.  It’s a quirk I love about America, and I like to remind myself of that when I’m  feeling sad about contemporary issues related to America in particular.  Still, there are so many things to love about America, and the random, bizarre things you can find on road trips will forever be a highlight for me.  I just think to myself, “How do people come up with this shit?!”.  In the best way possible of course…

We flew into Las Vegas this time around, and drove to Denver from there.  Here’s what we saw along way:

Neon Museum, Las Vegas, NV:  38222532_10158091611888312_682959216641572864_n





Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas, NV:





Ghost town in Nelson, NV:











Kingman, AZ:





Holbrook, AZ:













38421287_10158091610713312_8627009174900834304_n copy


Somewhere off of a nondescript highway:


Berlin for ma birthday

Stephen took me to Berlin for my birthday in April (yeah, he’s alright) and it was a great time.  Berlin is so cool, and I regretfully didn’t get very good pictures – but I’ve uploaded them anyway.  Otherwise, they’ll just be sitting on my computer forever!

We walked a lot. We ate a lot. We drank a lot. Probably the best things you can do in Berlin?  Berlin is a mixture of many things: it’s industrial, it’s beautiful, it’s very multicultural, and because of this — it offers pretty much the best of everything.  Honestly, everything we ate there was amazing.  I don’t think you can find bad food in Berlin.

One example would be my late-night kebab sandwich which was as big as my head.  Eaten after dancing in a techno club (Suicide Circus).  I don’t like techno, but it had to be done for the experience.

We ate Korean food on more than one occasion, which I was very happy about because I could eat kimchi every day.  It’s the food of the gods.

If you want to party in the clubs all night, you’ll need some Club Mate: an all-natural energy drink.  It tastes weird at first, and then it grows on you.

And now for my series on window displays:

Hüttenpalast” was our accommodation for the first part of the trip:

Went to some bars…

“Geist im Glas”


“Madame Claude” Seriously – the best bar ever.  Everything is upside down.




Klunker Kranich” for the best views:






East Side Gallery and various other art:

Too bad about the metal barriers in front of large portions of the wall…



Found some art all the way from my beloved home:





Dirty camera lens ruining my masterpiece:




I was so impressed with these “Get Out” promotional posters that I just stood and stared at them for a couple minutes:


Brandenburg Gate and Memorial to Murdered Jews of Europe:










Topography of Terror History Museum:


Checkpoint Charlie:




Currywurst Museum:









I loved Berlin.  Didn’t get enough time there.










Fujifilm X30

I’ve recently made my first big(ish) camera purchase and I’m really excited about it!  I’d been keeping a list of potential point-and-shoot options for a while, and I finally made the decision to go with the Fujifilm X30.

So far, I’m very happy with the purchase.  It’s manageable, a good size and weight, and I love the look of it.  Most importantly, I love the image quality and the features it offers.  Success ☺ .  Also, I’m taking a trip to Japan at the beginning of October, and I can’t wait to take pictures there with this camera.

I’m still sort of getting accustomed to using it, but here are some of the pictures I’ve taken so far (sort of thinking of them as practice).









Food of Barcelona 😍

I’m going to start off by posting all of the FOOD pics I took during our vacation in Barcelona, because: food. In Barcelona. Whoa.  Also, all the food there is so beautiful that I found myself just wanting to stare at it for a while before eating.

DISCLAIMER: No food on this earth would be beautiful enough to stop me from eating it.  Everything was eaten.

La Boqueria Mercat was a huge highlight of this trip.  I love food markets in general, but this is the most colorful one I’ve ever been to.  I could have easily eaten solely in this market everyday.  Fresh juices are dotted all throughout, along with endless other foods for viewing and eating pleasure.

I don’t think I’ve ever spent too much time looking at tripe previously to this. It’s frilly..

Meat is heavily featured everywhere.

On our first full day in the city, we bought a ton of various indulgences from La Mercat, and had a rooftop lunch with my mom and sister, which was very nice.

My mom’s pretty dessert (pistachio ice cream, chocolate cake, coconut) from “Els Quatre Gats” in the Gothic Quarter.

We had our fair share of tapas, of course.

…and sangria.

I think our favorites came from “las Delicias” which was recommended to us by a local, and it was great.  Clockwise from bottom left: patatas bravas, bread rubbed with tomato, and squid (which I forced Stephen to eat).

A fancy tortilla espanola from “Sensi Tapas” also in the Gothic Quarter.

Cured meats, and more tomato bread from “L’Antic Bocoi” in the Gothic Quarter.

We found an amazing-looking donut place when we were walking around one day, and were determined to go back later on a donut mission.  The donuts were displayed in such a cool way, AND (no surprise) were delicious.  Stephen also had his first cronut, which I think, left him feeling like a new man.

All donuts are from “Chök” which has a couple of locations in Barcelona.

There were plenty of drinks, too! These ones from “Polaroid Bar” in the Gothic Quarter.

Barcelona is a great city for many things, but it’s exceptional for anyone who loves to stuff their face.  I hope to go back, and do it all over again some day.


Stephen has developed some semi-old film, so here are some pictures he took of me in various places: 

Honeymoon in Italy (Venice, specifically in this photo) August, 2015. 

Brussels, December, 2015. 

Mush mouth 🍄

Look at these awesome mushrooms that are growing on a tree stump in my back yard:

Coming from Colorado, you don’t really see mushrooms of this size (at least not in your back yard).  It’s way too dry there to regularly produce something that needs so much water. You’d have to venture up to the mountains to get a glimpse of anything like this!  Glasgow obviously gets plenty of moisture.

Fun fact: mushrooms are more closely related in DNA to humans rather than plants.

I always enjoyed how weird mushrooms are.  They look very alien-like.

Poached Egg N00b

This is probably a pretty weird blog post to share after so much time passing without me uploading anything!  Oh, well.  I’m feeling overly excited about the breakfast I made today.

I like eggs cooked in every way possible (poached obviously falling into that category).  I just like eggs a lot.  Today, I decided to finally attempt poaching eggs.  It took me a long time to build up the will, I guess.  The process seems daunting only because everyone has their own individual steps (and ones they consider to be the best) which makes it difficult to decide what strategy to go with on the first try.  It seems there are many factors attributed to producing the best poached eggs: fresh eggs, vinegar in the water, etc.

I went for the: making-a-vortex-in-the-water approach.  Didn’t use  vinegar.  Overall it went OK!  I was happier with the outcome than I thought I’d be.  This could be the start of something wonderful.

My form could have been better though…



Iceland, November 2014

If I could do absolutely nothing but travel that would be swell. Here’s to keeping a positive and open mind about winning the lottery this year so I’ll be able to do just that. It will be a quite a while before another travel adventure, so I have no excuse not to catch up with posting pictures from last year’s travels.

With the exception of going back to Colorado to visit my friends and family, my absolute favorite destination was Reykjavík, Iceland. It’s strange, it’s beautiful, and Bjork is from there, so nobody has any argument for it not being cool.

Here’s a bunch of pictures I took there (out of soooo many pictures) but I thought these ones showed a pretty good range of things Iceland offers to its visitors, and for the people that live in such a cool place for that matter. I already posted a Northern Lights blog a little while ago, so I haven’t included any of those pictures here.  Check those out too, though!

The local cuisine; clockwise from upper left:  smoked haddock on rye bread, dry fish (recommended with lots of butter), smoked trout on rye bread, smoked lamb on flatbread, and in the middle, fermented shark (recommended with a shot of local spirits after consuming to lessen the blow).  My humble advice would be to stay far, far away from the fermented shark.  But if you like to live dangerously…

Exteriors of Hallgrímskirkja church.

Interior of Hallgrímskirkja church.

If you go to the top of Hallgrímskirkja’s clock tower, you get a 360 degree view of Reykjavík.  You have to pay, but I’d say it’s worth it.  And I’m afraid of heights!

Saw some pretty cool art on walls throughout the city, too:

We spent a whole day in the south of Iceland on a viewing tour.  The landscapes there are otherworldly.

We spent a day at the famous “Blue Lagoon”.


Even just wandering around Reykjavík was a mesmerizing experience.


I really hope I get to see more of Iceland some day.


Northern Lights in Iceland. 

A couple weeks ago Stephen and I were in Reykjavíck, Iceland.  Along with a couple other sightseeing trips that we planned ahead of time,  we also made arrangements to go on a bus tour that drives you away from the city to view (or try to view, I should say) the northern lights.

The first night we weren’t very lucky.  We drove to a huge, open field area, which was a perfect place to look at the stars and the sky.  However, the only glimpse we caught of the northern lights that night amounted to nothing more than a faint haziness that was pretty cool, but definitely nothing even close to the vibrant greens and purples that usually come to mind.

The nice thing about this tour, was that if you weren’t able to see the lights on the original date you reserved, due to sciency reasons (cloudiness/the Sun and the Earth’s simultaneous positioning/etc.) then they let you come back for a second try the next night.

Feeling a little let down, we were definitely eager to make the journey  again the next night.  I am so glad we did.  Both our tour guide, and bus driver said it was one of the best displays of the northern lights they’d seen over the past few years.  We also got driven to a different location the second time around– a lake surrounded by a few mountains, which made the experience all the more beautiful.

I took some pictures with Stephen’s Sony RX100 (a camera I love, and like to pretend belongs to me).  I don’t know what I expected, not being a camera/photography expert.  In the beginning I really didn’t think I was going to capture much of anything.  I made a few attempts with the camera, and checked to see if there were any worthwhile results…

Success!  There were a couple shots that were clear, and actually captured what I was seeing in the sky.  After this discovery I got pretty excited and turned into some kind of MacGyver-like freak, obsessively trying to balance the camera on top of rocks (no tripod), balance the camera on top of my purse on top of a rock, and at one point, using the strap on my purse to lasso the camera so it could hang off of the side of a rock without moving too much.  You get the idea.  I’ll make with the pictures.

One of my earlier attempts where I didn’t move my face far enough away from the lens:

I look like an alien.  The rest of the pics are much more aesthetically pleasing:

I think it’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.